21 – Show Notes – Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)

Hello Listener(/reader)! Below is the show notes Quentin and Daniel used for Episode 21: Martian Timeline (Worldbuild) using the RPG Microscope. Microscope is a role-playing game about making timelines. It’s sort of a mix between world building and mini-role-play events. You start off big and then zoom in on periods, events, and questions to tell a big story. You should check out the game from Lame Mage Productions. As you can see, it also has our show directions included. Enjoy!

Episode Intro



Introduce Show Concept

Introduce Concept we’re going to cover



  1. Big Picture : An Alien Empire rises and falls.
  2. Bookend History
  3. Palette
    1. Yes: Magic, Cult, World-gods, ancestral memory, weapon order?,  Robots, seamonsters, monster seas,
    2. No: Immortals, No Dry Land Antics, Other aliens, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Time Travel, Space Travel,
  4. First Pass


Focus: Voyage to Earth

Daniel’s Legacy: Marsda

Quentin’s Legacy: The First


  • Start: The Grand Unification : Uniting of many nations during a period of many wars. (Negative)
    • The first weapons start appearing leading to massive losses for the nations that do not have any.
      • What was the first weapon found?
        • Skeleton Mech Suit – The First
    • The First is defeated in battle (pos)
      • Why did The First turn to dust when Kiln touched it?
        • Kiln
        • The First
        • Ciri
        • Wani
        • They delivered a magic virus via gel substance smeared on their tentacles
    • Bone dust creates an arms magical race among the various kingdoms
    • Excalibur forged for the child king Vogath
      • Why did the wielder of Excalibur kill the wielder of Vajra? (neg)
        • Vogath
        • Vajra (Ciri)
    • Vogath creates the Weapons corps (creating several newer weapons) to make their newly united lands more manageable.
      • Why did the heads of the Weapons Corps meet secretly? (neg)
        • Vajra (Akon)
        • Mjolnir (Brosa)
        • Pridwen (Gulou the Shield)
        • To find a way to control Excalibur
  • Ex-calibur (A time when excalibur is sealed away and the weapons corps have more autonomy) (pos)
    • Each weapon develops a council to help share the burden of leadership. (pos)
  • Touch the Sky: The time of many great towers that extend out of the waters. (positive)
    • Vajra, creator of Flowt technology, completes their first successful test (positive)
    • The Science Council deems the Flowt technology used to make the airscrapers to be safe enough to build structures with. (positive)
    • Weapons Corps create a suspended tower in the sky (positive)
    • On a land expedition the team finds an egg that appears to be ancient. (pos)
  • Airscrapers? More like Seascrapers! (Negative)
    • Destruction of Babel: the largest airscraper tumbles into the seas (Negative)
    • Weapons Corps divide along political lines (negative)
    • Excalibur is freed from it’s vault but lost to the depths (negative)
      • Why was Excalibur’s vault at the top of the highest tower?
        • Guard 1 (Chusag)
        • Guard 2 (Zoida)
        • Vroki (mage – Deathdealer)
        • Giant Bird Guard
      • Why wasn’t Excalibur found?
        • Vajra (current wielder)
        • Urik (giant bird guard)
        • Excalibur
        • Something Large ate it up yum yum
  • Days of Destruction: Great environmental disasters and strife and such making the planet nigh unlivable. (neg)
    • Violent leviathans raise to the surface attacking anyone near (neg)’
    • All the weapons are summoned to one location in a resurrection of The First.
  • End: Leaving Mars : Mars has/is drying up and the martians must leave Mars or perish. (Positive)
    • The goddess of Mars (Marsda) raises the oceans/leviathan creature ship thing (possibly called the Vogath) to the skies (pos)
    • A dead piece of the goddess is left behind on Earth’s moon (Luna) (neg)


Period of time (large chunk of time)

Events (small specific events in periods)

Scenes (ask a question about an event)


Art by Lisa Prather.

Email doubleissueshow@gmail.com

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Song: Freeharmonics by Freeharmonic Orchestra used and shortened under its creative commons license. CC BY 4.0


Next week is a story episode with the prompt tabula rasa.


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