The Show:

Double Issue is a weekly fiction podcast with Quentin Pongratz and Daniel J. Pool. Each week alternates between short stories or world building discussions. The object of the show is to collaboratively create a shared universe through questions, thoughts, and emotions.

Currently, Daniel and Quentin are building a science fantasy superhero world of daring actions and sinister deeds. Follow the story of Amy Dangerous, Minotaur, Spellbinder, Jon Morris the Mirror Master, Cup Hands, Asmo, Beelz, Aster, Thorn, Lady, Miss Mist, Split, Doubletake, Dr. Drake, and many, many more!

The Authors:

Quentin Pongratz is a writer of magical realism and superheroes from the Oklahoma City metro area. He produces and edits Double Issue. In his spare time, he reads comics and plans elaborate pranks.

Daniel J. Pool writes science fiction and fantasy stories from the Southern Mid-West. He makes and researches games. His hobbies include dungeon delving and bread baking.