Aegis: Infinity Initiative

“We are Muscle,” a woman shouted at everyone in a bank lobby. For a moment no one took notice. The pale woman sighed and punched the ground. The impact rippled forward through the room. A craggy line divided the bank in two. Everyone took notice and fled. Some out the door, most to the sides … Continue reading Aegis: Infinity Initiative


13 – Aegis: Infinity (Stories) With the release of Avengers Infinity War, we too will release the ultimate crossover episode. There are plenty of characters in each story this week. Would we claim infinity characters? I wouldn't, but Daniel might. Whoops, I gave away who writes these. Enjoy these Aegis-themed stories on this most cinematic of weeks. Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.comContinue reading 13 – Aegis: Infinity (Stories)

12 – Spell Squadron (Worldbuild) In Episode 3, we introduced the Spell Squadron and hinted at the team it was before. Now, we dive into that team that was before. Do you wonder about Captain Havoc's parents? Is Ms. Mist a mystery to you? Where is WhereWolf? All these questions are answered and more in SPELL SQUADRON. Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.comContinue reading 12 – Spell Squadron (Worldbuild)

11 – Underworld (Stories) Usually on this show we try to do some worldbuilding, but this time, we're going below that. TO THE UNDERWORLD. Be it the criminal underworld or a weird indie short film that probably more accurately links to the prompt underground, we got you covered. Email: Website / Twitter / Facebook Art by Lisa … Continue reading 11 – Underworld (Stories)

10 – Artificial Insurrection (Worldbuild) Remember in the Robot episode where we referenced there was a Robot Uprising event? Well, here it is! Get ready to be dazzled and feel feels. It's a long one, but the universe really starts to feel alive with an event like this. So Enjoy! Email: Website / Twitter / Facebook Art by … Continue reading 10 – Artificial Insurrection (Worldbuild)