Here are the picture, dice rolls, and notes from our world-building RPG episode, 49 - Showdown: Aqua Lion V. Fire Tire. Fire Tiger vs Aqualion Setup Q 6 D 4 Where A house falling into the Grand Canyon 1st Flashback A League of Elemental Animals meetings Fire Tiger takes a seat next to Aqualion FT … Continue reading Showdown

49 – Showdown: Aqua Lion v. Fire Tiger We’re back with what has to be our favorite episode yet. Have you ever wanted to know more about Aqua Lion or his nemesis Fire Tiger? Well, look no further as we discover their past together while they have a fight to the death in an RPG called Showdown. That’s right, one of these … Continue reading 49 – Showdown: Aqua Lion v. Fire Tiger

48 – Unfinished (Story) In this installment of Double Issue; Daniel spins yarns from the cuttingroom floor rejects. Story bits that were chopped and thrown away. Also a brand new story that never found it’s place before. This and lots of side tangents in this week’s audio adventure.   Next week, join Daniel as he explores some world … Continue reading 48 – Unfinished (Story)

47 – Cyber Ghost (World Build) This week’s episode is a world-build about Cyber-Gost the super hacker villain. Kate joins Daniel to talk about the character she created for the Christmas Caper three-part holiday special. We get WAY off track but have a lot of fun talking about synthwave, b-movies, Veggie Tales, and the steampunk lifestyle.   Next episode is … Continue reading 47 – Cyber Ghost (World Build)

46 – Follow Up (Stories) A sequel to our sequels episode. This time we follow-up two of Quentin’s stories. Meanwhile, Quentin takes another crack at that Tabula Rasa prompt. Obsessed much? So take refuge in the boughs of a treeple’s branches and let Amy Dangerous whisk you off to a wonderful golden land.   Reminder: Send in any questions … Continue reading 46 – Follow Up (Stories)

44 – Christmas Caper Part 3 As the holiday ends, so must this special. Will our villains succeed in their dastardly plan? Will Silent But Deadly cup some farts? Will Tremor die in a fiery explosion forever rocking the canon of our universe? Listen to find out, because I can’t type all the answers to those questions. They’re very complicated … Continue reading 44 – Christmas Caper Part 3