Spell Squadron Issue #23 “Reflections”

Jon Morris called it disco-balling. Everyone else wouldn’t call it anything because from their point of view nothing happened. One moment the members of Spell Squadron sat tied to a tractor in the basement of a cult leader’s farm. The next moment nothing in the scene had changed. Except everything had changed. Because between the … Continue reading Spell Squadron Issue #23 “Reflections”

2 – Robots (Stories)

This week we tackle the prompt Robots. Then we get into the meaty question of are robots people? Turn out yeah. We answer that question pretty fast, but you won't believe what we tackle after that!!?!?!>???!?!? Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com Website / Twitter / Facebook Stories: "The More Amazing Richard" by Quentin Pongratz "Aster - Issue 1" by Daniel Pool Art by … Continue reading 2 – Robots (Stories)