Birthday Call (Episode 9 Sneak Peak Web EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of Thursday’s new episode, BIRTHDAY, here is a web exclusive for the new installment of Aster, Issue 3 Aster, Issue #3 - Birthday Prologue By Daniel J. Pool   “Hey, sweety! Happy birthday! Did you get my package?” A slender Centauri man with a tidy beard waved from the wall screen. His feathery eyebrows … Continue reading Birthday Call (Episode 9 Sneak Peak Web EXCLUSIVE)

8 – Quake (Worldbuild) This is it listeners. The Episode that SHAKES everything up. This episode really ROCKS. Join us as we flesh out the back story of none other than Quake! This was a really fun one to record and we hope you have fun listening. It's an episode that really pulls you in. Get it? Gravity! … Continue reading 8 – Quake (Worldbuild)

An Excerpt from The Man With Cups for Hands (Continued)

Lonnie Summers folded his hands. He stiffened in his chair. His features were gaunt, hard, aged, but still handsome. His deep tan mixed with the shadows of the coffee shop. He was wearing street clothes, but his size and posture betrayed his years of training. After taking a sip of tea, the Amazing Aqualion started … Continue reading An Excerpt from The Man With Cups for Hands (Continued)

7 – Resolutions (Stories) It's the one you've all been waiting for! The conclusion to the Cliffhangers from two weeks ago. I have a friend who nods to the resolution of any movie he's watching. I'm sure he'll be nodding this whole episode. And not nodding off, these stories are action packed. Email: Website / Twitter / … Continue reading 7 – Resolutions (Stories)

6 – Centauri (Worldbuild) (w/ Josh Freeman) Lightyears beyond the other worldbuild. Both in a quality sense, and in a sense that it's in space! Join us as our friend Josh joins us to craft up an alien species only briefly mentioned in a story before this. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording this one. Enjoy! … Continue reading 6 – Centauri (Worldbuild) (w/ Josh Freeman)