Girl’s Night Showdown

"Okay, what's this one again?" asked Wisp. Angus stroked his mustache. "That's the Dangerous Double Daiquiri. It has orange juice, orange bitters, rum, and..." Wisp coughed hard. Her whole face tightened and turned red. " and, as I was saying, a spot of Everclear. Sweet, but packs a punch." Tremor slid a glass of water … Continue reading Girl’s Night Showdown

28 – Everyone is Drinks (Stories) Technically out on Monday, so it’s not late, is DRINKS! Grab a drink and join us as we bring you the drinkiest stories yet. The episode is a cocktail of strange babies and jubilant parties waiting to be crashed by supervillains. Tweet us what you drank during this episode and we’ll match a hero … Continue reading 28 – Everyone is Drinks (Stories)

26 – Villains Part Four (Worldbuild) The Penultimate Villains Episode has arrived! That's right, only one more week after this one and we'll have villain'd all the heroes. In this one we tease the imfamous Eon, we stick it to Rubber, and we rap with The Smashing Pumpkins. Enjoy, and join us next week for finally the finale. Love you … Continue reading 26 – Villains Part Four (Worldbuild)