21 – Show Notes – Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)

Hello Listener(/reader)! Below is the show notes Quentin and Daniel used for Episode 21: Martian Timeline (Worldbuild) using the RPG Microscope. Microscope is a role-playing game about making timelines. It's sort of a mix between world building and mini-role-play events. You start off big and then zoom in on periods, events, and questions to tell … Continue reading 21 – Show Notes – Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)

21 – Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-me7ip-949fd5 This week we're doing another worldbuild due to Quentin moving (although maybe he'd get more done without Assassin's Creed Origins). But it's not just any worldbuild. This time we try using an rpg to help us along. Let us know if you like this experiment, because we think it turned out really well and … Continue reading 21 – Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)


Hey you! Yes, you! We, at Double Issue, are challenging you to participate in #2PodsADay. It's a month-long campaign to help promote indie podcasts. To learn more, check out their Facebook, Twitter, official page. or this article on Podcaster News. Making a podcast can be a bunch of work. Show your appreciation to your favorites and maybe some … Continue reading #2PodsADay