Blank Slate

There is a moment when someone dreams in which they aren’t fully awake or asleep. In that time, every second can stretch into hours. Decades wash out into centuries. Michon's eyes rolled restlessly in a trance. His body was a prison. Intravenous feeding tubes pumped a steady stream of fluids into his cryo-chamber. Besides the … Continue reading Blank Slate


Hey you! Yes, you! We, at Double Issue, are challenging you to participate in #2PodsADay. It's a month-long campaign to help promote indie podcasts. To learn more, check out their Facebook, Twitter, official page. or this article on Podcaster News. Making a podcast can be a bunch of work. Show your appreciation to your favorites and maybe some … Continue reading #2PodsADay

Last Hunt

“I’m getting too old for this crud,” Garth said collapsing against a pile of rubble. Hildi snapped off three quick bolts before ducking next to him. “Fat too.” The Guardian chuckled between heavy breathes. He peeked over their cover. Plasma bolts seared the top of his head. Thousands of death machines cried out a sawtooth … Continue reading Last Hunt