Fang #1

The park was dark. There was warm dampness that flooded the area. Islands of orange light spotted a trail through the black velvet night. A lone figure jogged along the path. Blips of her flashed in the light before disappearing momentarily. Her feet smacked the ground with moist impacts. High above, a creature watched. It's … Continue reading Fang #1


Study Hall

"I’m thinking about updating my identity. What do you think of Night Bison? Maybe I get a darker suit. Go for the whole brooding crusader look. What do you think?” Bison asked. Wisp didn’t answer her. She was nose deep in a textbook. A stack of wrinkled pages sat next to her with varying amounts … Continue reading Study Hall

New Tricks

Barney fumbled with his keys in the dark. He figured that he had forgotten to turn on the porch light. Although, it usually came on with a light sensor. It ran on a nuclear isotope with a half-million-year long half-life. Now he was trying to remember which of his novelty keychains was the one with … Continue reading New Tricks