Daniel’s Q&A Notes

YO! Below are my notes from the Q&A episode. Sort of wrote these out for quick reference but I ended up changing some answers while recording. Thought I might as well post them here just to see what I wrote. These are for the Questions & Answers session for episode 50. Favorite of the other … Continue reading Daniel’s Q&A Notes

Fang #1

The park was dark. There was warm dampness that flooded the area. Islands of orange light spotted a trail through the black velvet night. A lone figure jogged along the path. Blips of her flashed in the light before disappearing momentarily. Her feet smacked the ground with moist impacts. High above, a creature watched. It's … Continue reading Fang #1

New Tricks

Barney fumbled with his keys in the dark. He figured that he had forgotten to turn on the porch light. Although, it usually came on with a light sensor. It ran on a nuclear isotope with a half-million-year long half-life. Now he was trying to remember which of his novelty keychains was the one with … Continue reading New Tricks