Daniel’s Q&A Notes

YO! Below are my notes from the Q&A episode. Sort of wrote these out for quick reference but I ended up changing some answers while recording. Thought I might as well post them here just to see what I wrote. These are for the Questions & Answers session for episode 50.

  1. Favorite of the other person’s stories.
    1. Tabula Rasa – Me Re:Do
  2. Favorite of your own stories.
    1. Empty Space – for reading
    2. Early Retirement – for listening
  3. Least favorite of your own stories.
    1. Breaking Out (Grand Calamity story)
  4. Favorite character?
    1. Mittens
    2. Belphegor
  5. Music while writing? What kind?
    1. Depends on the kind of story, but usually fast rock with few words
    2. Epic Stuff – Muse, Dubstep, Movie Soundtracks
    3. Funny Stuff – Indie Music, Music to Study to
  6. We speak about the inspirations of different stories sometimes. Are there more foundational inspirations that you carry throughout all your stories slash this whole project?
    1. The feelings I got reading All-Star Superman
    2. Empathy fiction like Steven Universe/Adventure Time
    3. Young Justice feelings
  7. Favorite Marvel and/or DC Hero.  John
    1. Marvel – Hulk or Dr. Strange (that’s hard)
    2. DC – Batman Beyond (maybe Shazam???)
  8. Have you made a character based on a favorite hero from Marvel/DC? John
    1. Amy Dangerous is based on Power Girl
    2. Barney Steel is Ironman but if not born rich
  9. How do you start a story?
    1. I try to think of an action scene and start as close as I can to that
    2. Then I cut out whatever doesn’t fit the format but tells what I wanted to
  10. Has any moment given you chills so far?
    1. Michone dying–Mmm!
    2. So much to build on there
    3. Also, the Showdown–that ending
  11. Who is a writer that inspires the way you write?
    1. Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket
    2. Joss Whedon
  12. What has been the hardest part of writing this project?
    1. Consistency – keeping up with making
    2. Keeping the universe straight
  13. Are there any scenes or stories that you have wanted to tell, but haven’t found an opportunity to fit them in yet?
    1. Grand Calamity high school adventures
    2. The Rook!
    3. Amy Dangerous fighting Mammon
  14. Are there any that you have now missed that opportunity because the timeline no longer fits, or a character has died, etc? – Josh
    1. I’m sure Michone was gonna do something cool

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