49 – Showdown: Aqua Lion v. Fire Tiger


We’re back with what has to be our favorite episode yet. Have you ever wanted to know more about Aqua Lion or his nemesis Fire Tiger? Well, look no further as we discover their past together while they have a fight to the death in an RPG called Showdown. That’s right, one of these characters will not make it out of this episode. Which one? Listen to find out!


Showdown by Seth Ben-Ezra



Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website

Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com

Daniel Twitter

Quentin Twitter

Website / Twitter / Facebook /WordPress / Discord


Song: Freeharmonics by Freeharmonic Orchestra used and shortened under its creative commons license.


Next week is a story episode with the prompt .



Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

From the Free Music Archive

All Good Times by Lorenzo’s Music

Blind by Meydän (CC BY 4.0)



Sound Effects

Air Rush by Henrythetrain (CC BY 1.0)

Shockwave by benjaminharveydesign (CC BY 1.0)

Police siren by MultiMax2121 (CC BY 1.0)

Air_rush by ChemiCatz (CC BY 1.0)

Air over mic by cognito perceptu (CC BY 1.0)

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