35 – Part III (Stories)


This week we’re tacking on some stories to our previous two-parter Cliffhangers and Resolutions. If those resolutions weren’t enough for you, you’re going to love this one. If you thought those stories ended just fine, well hold on while we destroy those happy endings. Join us next week when we finally finally, (hopefully?) actually get into the Citadel Part 2.

And remember! Submit your fan creations todoubleissueshow@gmail.com for a chance to win a Pumpkin Rapper funko! Send us your idea for a charter or someone’s theme song or a character doodle to enter. Also, if you’re making something, tweet at us with the #doubleissue and tell us about it. We wanna cheer you on!





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Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website

Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com

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Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

Glimpse of Eternity by Meydän (CC0 1.0)

Morph by Soft and Furious  (CC BY 4.0)

Concern by Nctrnm  (CC BY 4.0)

Cylinder Seven by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY 4.0)  

Breakdown by Mid-Air Machine (CC BY-SA 4.0)

From free music archive


Sound Effects:

DRAGON_ROAR by JoelAduio (CC0 1.0)

Alien growl by pointparkcinema (CC0 1.0)

Beast deep groan by vykroft (CC0 1.0)

Single Sword Clash by FunWithSound (CC0 1.0)

Sword1 by Streety (CC0 1.0)

01SWORD02 by lostchocolatelab (CC0 1.0)

Afterburner by TiesWijnen (CC0 1.0)

From freesound

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