33 – Avalanche (Stories)


Sometimes everything is still and quiet. Then it all comes crashing down at once on you like an AVALANCHE! Well, this week we are writing stories about that second thing. Get ready for adventurous stories that keep picking up momentum. So get to listening to join the Garg, Spell Squadron, Defendant Defender, Legal Genie Broadband, Dial-Up, Baron Von Kill, Count Smackdown, and (introducing) Guardian Girl!

And remember! Submit your fan creations to doubleissueshow@gmail.com for a chance to win a Pumpkin Rapper funko! Send us your idea for a charter or someone’s theme song or a character doodle to enter. Also, if you’re making something, tweet at us with the #doubleissue and tell us about it. We wanna cheer you on!

Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website

Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com

Daniel Twitter

Quentin Twitter

Website / Twitter / Facebook /WordPress / Discord


Fleshtrap by Magen Cubed

The Long Earth



Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

Night Owl by Broke For Free CC BY 3.0

Magic Hour by Three Chain Links CC BY 4.0

Happiest Day by Three Chain Links CC BY 4.0

Monarch of the street by Loyalty Freak Music CC0 1.0

Ignite To Light Instrumental by Pipe Choir CC BY 4.0


From the Free Music Archive

SLOW MOTION by Benjamin TISSOT Free Creative Commons License po

RUMBLE by Benjamin TISSOT Free Creative Commons License

NEW DAWN by Benjamin TISSOT  Free Creative Commons License

SCI FI by Benjamin TISSOT Free Creative Commons License

From Bensound

Sound Effects:

Gun Shot by Bird_man CC0 1.0

Fire Crackle and Flames 002 by FractalStudios CC0 1.0

SprayCan Spray by esperri CC0 1.0

Footsteps Metallic Muffled Louder by RutgerMuller CC0 1.0

Water Dripping in Cave by Sclolex CC0 1.0

Papers Flapping; Intense by RossBell CC0 1.0

Model_dial by 0ktober CC0 1.0

From freesound

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