17 – S.W.O.R.D.S. (with Ian R Buck) (Worldbuild)


This week Ian R Buck joins us to make a group fed up with the superness of the superheroes. Will we reveal what S.W.O.R.D.S. stands for? Will we revisit a concept we came up with in episode one? Will Daniel bring up Darby O’Gill again? Listen to find out! But if you want spoilers the answeres are Yes, yes, and no.

You can find Ian R Buck on twitter @IanRBuck with the podcasts he’s on @TheNexusTV or on their website Nexus.tv and also consider supporting the shows they do on Patreon even a few dollars can go a long way with smaller creators.

Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com

Daniel Twitter

Quentin Twitter

Website / Twitter / Facebook /WordPress / Discord

Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website


Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

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