11 – Underworld (Stories)


Usually on this show we try to do some worldbuilding, but this time, we’re going below that. TO THE UNDERWORLD. Be it the criminal underworld or a weird indie short film that probably more accurately links to the prompt underground, we got you covered.

Email: doubleissueshow@gmail.com

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Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website


Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

AcidJazz by Kevin MacLeod  CC BY 3.0

Undercover Vampire Policeman by Chris Zabriskie  CC BY 4.0

From the Free Music Archive

Sound Effects:

Coins – 01 by D W   CC BY 3.0

Snoring by Daxter31  CC BY 3.0

Record Scratch by Luffy  CC BY 3.0

Card Shuffle by Empraetorius  CC BY 3.0

From freesound

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